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A typing tutor tool for everyone looking to improve on typing speed and accuracy

TypingMaster Inc. - October 16, 2018
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TypingMaster Pro 7.10reviewed by Vedin Klovo on 4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating(4/5)
Being able to type fast without making too many mistakes is now a desirable skill for almost everyone looking to work at a computer desk. From freelancers and programmers to secretaries and virtual assistants, everyone needs to stay efficient while typing and there are plenty of ways for you to become better.

TypingMaster Pro is a program who deals with this problem in particular. The first thing you need to learn is the 10-finger system which will eventually teach you to type without looking at your keyboard. Exercises are customized to your profile with multiple hours of content.

Also, it's not just about typing and looking at difficult words as there are plenty of interesting games to play, to improve your speed and efficiency. TypingMaster Pro's monitoring tool will analyze which keys appear to be problematic for you and it will adjust its exercises accordingly.

From letters and speed building to number keys and special characters, the course will cover just about anything. The program's interface is simple, but to be honest, it feels a bit outdated for 2018 and also for a paid program!

There are plenty of online courses where you can do almost everything that is in this program for free, but TypingMaster combines everything you need. Also, if you are already typing fast and looking to improve your accuracy, the cursor might appear too slow.

It's only available for Windows at the moment and there are no Linux or macOS versions in sight. Its price starts as $9.90 and it goes up to $24.90 for the Premium Multilingual Version, which supports other languages besides English.

In conclusion, it's great to have everything you need in one program, and we also love how creative the typing games are! So, we would like to recommend this program to everyone who wants to improve their typing skills.

• Great for beginners and intermediate users alike
• The tool scans your problematic keys
• Its 10-hour long course is enough to improve your typing skills
• Its games are interesting and fun
• It's possible to find free alternatives
• Some drills are way too repetitive


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